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by Maverik


Some People just have “it” and Maverik is one of those people. this prolific MC embodies the true spirit of hip-hop and represents the future of it in the City of Boston. His Message is simple: Believe in yourself. He’s overcome so many obstacles to become the artist he is today without ever losing his smile or sense of optimism. He's highly sought after for events all across New England, from fashion shows to concerts. He’s opened for some of the biggest artists in the world including Lil Wayne, Future, 2Chainz, Sean Paul Shaggy & more! He has a way of captivating audiences with compelling stories, wordplay and all-around showmanship. His music has been played on radio stations across the country, featured in commercials, national campaign ads and on several mixtape... Maverik's presence is felt on-line as well, with his ever-expanding Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube fan-bases as well as his popular blog on